The Osteosarcoma Collaborative


Jorge Ibanez


Jorge will always be remembered for his endless jokes, big smile, selflessness and the gratitude he felt for what he called #TeamJorge that are all the people and organizations that always supported him.

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The Osteosarcoma Collaborative strives to be the bridge between research and outcomes. Due to the low incidence of the disease, there is a lack of focus and funding for osteosarcoma. 

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We exist because new treatments for osteosarcoma don't - there has been nothing new to treat this devastating disease in over thirty years. The Osteosarcoma Collaborative is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity. To the extent contributions are tax-deductible under the new US Tax Code, please consult an accountant. Created to identify, collaborate and fund new research and treatments in pediatric and adult osteosarcoma - the Collaborative also focuses on helping Osteosarcoma families connect and interact with each other. Equally important, the Collaborative strives to educate the medical profession about long-term survivorship with Osteosarcoma. With approximately 900 new cases a year - Osteosarcoma is considered an extremely rare disease. By bringing together data, researchers, patients and family - we believe we can spur additional research and discovery for a very aggressive disease.  


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