Jorge Ibanez


Jorge knew this day will come he planned a BIG CELEBRATION OF LIFE!

Jorge will always be remembered for his endless jokes, big smile, selflessness and the gratitude he felt for what he call #TeamJorge that are all the persons and organizations that always supported him.
this will be a public event and we would like you join us to Celebrate our #JorgeStrong Life

Jorge ask that everybody wear his #JorgeStrong shirts or Twenty one Pilots/Star Wars shirts

For the CRUISE (August 31st )from Funeral Home in Meridian (1303 N. Main St.) he asked that the cars have gold balloons

In the Viewing(10:00 a.m) and Service(11:00 am ) at Calvary Chapel Boise ( 123 S. Auto Drive) will be present his favorites characters from Star Wars

And in the service it will be live music from 2 special young ladies that accepted make this for him.

There will be an open mic and more surprises....

He ask to celebrate life, he didnt want us to be sad.

Hope we can count with you.

5-7 p.m. FRIDAY 30TH at ACCENT FUNERAL HOME 1303 N. Main St.
10:00 a.m. SATURDAY 31ST at CALVARY CHAPEL BOISE 123 S. Auto Drive

In Lieu of Flowers Jorge asked to support some of the organizations that supported him in his journey

Donate to the Osteosarcoma Collaborative Here