The First Osteosarcoma Collaborative

St. Baldrick's Grant to Cure OsteosarcomA

We are excited to celebrate the work of Alex Huang, MD, PhD, professor of pediatrics at Case Western University's School of Medicine. Dr. Huang is the first recipient of the Osteosarcoma Collaborative St. Baldrick's Grant to Cure Osteosarcoma. Today, we can adapt the immune system to help fight cancer. Unfortunately, cancerous tumors have shown a remarkable ability to adapt in their own way, limiting the effectiveness of treatments for conditions like osteosarcoma. Researchers from Case Western University and Baylor University are seeking to change that.

These researchers, including Dr. Huang along with Drs. Jason Yustein and Nabil Ahmed, have focused their attention on the key molecules responsible for helping osteosarcoma evade immunity in their project "Targeting myeloid and lymphoid immune tolerance in metastatic osteosarcoma". This proposal will develop new ways to treat osteosarcoma patients, with the goal being to improve survival for patients with relapsed and metastatic disease.

OSteosarcoma Therapies

We support clinical stage therapeutic companies created to identify and clinically approve new treatments in osteosarcoma. 

POWR Registry

POWR, the Patient/parent Osteosarcoma genome-Wide Registry, a genetic and medical registry of osteosarcoma data.

Identify New Opportunities

We are seeking new opportunities to identify and support additional projects that can bring new treatments to osteosarcoma.